Glittering Journey by Kyotaro
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Poser 6 James, Michael 3 Reduced Resolution by DAZ3D, Paris Hair by Lisbeth,
Baby Doll Hair and Sapphire Fox Hair by Quarker, Poser 6 Libraries, Relax by Tomiya,
Generation Suit for G2 Males by MindVision Graphic Design Studio, Hardcore by Uzilite,
KAWA-REV8D by BATLAB, Rock Style for M3 and M3 Real Street Wear by BILLY-T,
CasaBlanca suit & OpenShirt_full by ISO & Dark Division, Beowulf by Uzilite by DAZ3D
Casablanca suit by ISO, Armbanduhr fur M3 by Guderun, 57 Chevy Bel Aire Convertible by Viewpoint DataLabs,
Millennium Kids Preschoolers, BillyHawk Hair by Neftis,Michael 3 Millennium Beard by DAZ3D,
Dynamic Apron and Hat for V4 by adamthwaites, The Mad Hatter by ann0314 & Mada & mutedbanshee & shesa by DAZ3D,
Fairytale Collection - Hansel and Gretel by Lourdes Mercado by DAZ3D, Glyn Hair by AprilYSH,
Bamboozle for Matt by Thorne & Mada, The Warehouse District,Streets Of The Mediterranean and City Courtyard by stonemason,
Le Village Bundle by Faveral, Manhole by Zippo,Shade Mori Series by e-frontier
ƒcƒA[ƒpƒ“ƒt•\Ž†Œ“Live DVD•t‘®ƒuƒbƒNƒŒƒbƒgB‚Ý‚½‚¢‚ȁB by Kyotaro

Future Reference Log for Kyotaro